Thursday, May 14, 2009

One way to go shopping.

I began to open the door into the teacher's snack lounge to spend time between lessons, when suddenly the door was slammed back and an angry voice yelled: "Csak lányok" (Only women). Two blue eyes peeked at me through the open crack of the door. Taking in my surprise, and that I am a girl, she shot off rapid fire Hungarian, and let me in quickly and closed the door behind me. 

There in front of me stood one of the teachers half naked. She pulled on a shirt buttoned it up, and moved her arms in the familiar gestures of trying on clothing. Ignoring the shock of seeing one of my colleagues in such a state, I sifted through piles of shirts, track suits, and colourful pants. The teacher and the sales lady encouraged me to try something on, so I did. 

There I was, middle of the room, about to try on a shirt when I realized while the door was blocked, the full length windows ground floor windows had only sheer curtains blocking us from the outside. 

The windows look out to the entrance walk.

We had all of the lights on. 

Well...that is one way to go shopping. 


Emily said...

Every Hungarian assures me that the point of the sheer curtains on EVERY SINGLE WINDOW in this country is exactly that - to let you see out without letting anyone see in. D'ya think it works?

Quách Đại ka said...

We miss you, too.
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