Saturday, July 18, 2009

So I've had a strange couple of days....

I have been back in the US since the first of July. 

As the crispness of the experience begins to fuzz around the edges, the best way to describe my life is that I have had a strange couple of days. 
I miss it. 

The last couple of weeks in Hungary were really busy. I made new friends, who took me swimming in the Cave baths, I baked cookies for the remaining 18 of 22 classes, I travelled constantly with Tara for two weeks, I was spoiled to death by Jon and Franny, Tara and I went to a melon patch, chased both buses and cars waving,  I won a fire jumping competition, My buddies helped my re-cram my life into two suitcases and sadly I said goodbye. 

I hate to say good-bye, because it means an end of something amazing.  Instead I prefer to say Hello.